Thursday, April 5, 2012

How To Create A Fishtail Plait

    How To Create The Latest Celebrity Hair Trend - Fishtail Plaits

    Fishtail plaits are the lastest hair trend to hit the celebrity red carpets as well as the fashion show catwalks this season. Celebrities from Rihanna to Fearne Cotton have been wearing this stylish look, and the fashion house Missoni literally made headlines when they styled all of their models in twin fishtail plaits worn forward at their Autumn/Winter shows. If you fancy having a go at recreating this look for yourself here's how to do it. All you will need is roughly shoulder-length hair, some hair elastics and hairspray.

    We'll first look at creating a single fishtail plait worn to the side like Fearne. Draw your hair into a low ponytail to one side of your head, don't worry if wisps of hair are left out of the pony tail as his look is meant to have texture.

    Then divide your ponytail into two sections - you will need to look into a mirror when you are doing the next part.

    Take about a third of one of your sections of hair from the back of the section, and pull it around to the front, then draw it across so that you can hold it with the second section.
    Moving onto the second section of your hair, repeat the above, taking about a third of the secton from the back of the second section of hair and pull it around to the front of your plait, and cross it over so you can hold it with the first section of your hair.

    Continue repeating the above two steps, you should start to see the fishtail appear after another couple of times of pulling your hair around to the front and crossing over to the opposite section.
    Keep on pulling sections of hair across until you reach the bottom of your plait, and secure with a hair elastic.
    Then gently pull wisps of hair from your plait to give a textured look, and finish with hairspray to hold in place.

    How To Create Two Fishtail Plaits

    If you want to create the Missoni twin fishtail plait look, then divide your hair as you would do for pigtails, and follow the above steps for each plait. When they are finished, pull them so they hang to the front of your shoulders framing your face, and use hairspray to hold in place.

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