Monday, April 30, 2012

An Accessory to Fashion

    File:Givenchy scarves Epcot.jpgAccessories are often overlooked but in times where money is tight but looking good is still a must they are often an alternative to splashing out on a brand new outfit. Vamping up an existing outfit such as your little black dress or trusty boyfriend jeans with exciting accessories can really make a difference to your wardrobe. Accessories also make your outfit unique and personal to you, thus avoiding that horror moment when you arrive somewhere and see someone in the same wardrobe item as you.

    So what is the best way to accessorise without overdoing it? And how do you make a plain boring outfit look fabulous and edgy is seconds?

    The trick to accessorising is knowing what suits you and what doesn’t and having the confidence to pull it off too. Like anything in fashion, finding your own style is the key to success.

    Here are some tips and advice on accessorising essentials:

    Jewellery basics

    An obvious place to start is with jewellery. This doesn’t have to be expensive diamonds or lots of gold either there are some fantastic beads and bangles available on the high street that can be just as effective without the bling. Jewellery can be tailored to any budget and can be bold and daring or chic and understated.

    Big earrings are a statement for any outfit and coupled with long beads or a wrist full of bangles can look great. With earrings choose a style that complements your face shape as well as your outfit.

    Belt up

    A chunky belt or thin colourful scarf can look fabulous with plain coloured dresses to define your shape and draw in your waist. Obviously a scarf can also look fabulous tied around your neck, particularly with a smart trouser suit or crisp white blouse.

    How many is too many?

    Adding accessories can be addictive so don’t go overboard, as often less can be more. A good rule of thumb is that the plainer the outfit the more you can accessorise it. Therefore, if you’re wearing a loud pattern or a detailed dress then just a few accessories will suffice. If you’re just wearing a plain top and jeans however, then use your opportunity to personalise with an array of accessories.

    File:Patriotic Pampered Pocket Pooch Posing Proudly.jpgPampered pooch

    If, like Paris Hilton your pooch is your accessory, then ensure he or she is in the optimum health for your handbag adventures with the right vaccinations and puppy insurance. Also you might want to check out venues in advance to ensure you’re able to take your canine friend with you.

    Fantastic feet

    Every girl loves shoe shopping and perhaps it is footwear that is the most important accessory of all. Choosing a shoe which suits your body shape is important. If you have large legs avoid low heels as they will only accentuate your calves and make them look bigger. Instead go for a high heel or a wedge which will give the illusion of lengthening your legs. Smaller women can look much taller if they couple a pointed toe with a high heel as the combination will elongate your pins!

    Taller girls often feel like they can’t wear big heels but as long as you wear them with pride and don’t slouch then go ahead. Failing that a moderate heel or flats with lots of sparkle will make you feel just as glamorous.

    Handbags galore

    A girl can never have too many handbags and they do come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to have designer labels either to have a great looking handbag. Just because bags need to be functional doesn’t mean that they have to be dull so you can afford to go a bit wild with a handbag that reflects your personality and individual style. Be it for a night out, for the office or for a special occasion; shop around for a bag that is just the right size and style.

    Fun, fun, fun

    Shopping for accessories is great fun and you can spend hours finding hidden gems in stores and boutiques to dress up your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to raid your mum’s accessories either, as often you will unearth a great vintage piece that will look fabulous with a jacket or dress you already own. Having a small budget doesn't mean you can't still make your wardrobe fabulous with an array of accessories.

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