Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some more Spring Fashion Trends

    So, I'm a fan of dressing in styles that are fun and comfortable for you. I think fashion is what you individually make it and you don't necessarily have to stick to a handbook guide of trends that constantly rotate. However, fashion trends often determine a lot of what is sold in trendy stores and they can be interesting to take on. Let's look at a few of Spring 2012 trends and how to wear them best.

    Color Blocking

    I've been seeing color blocking all over blogs and runways. It's the trending style where two bold colors are worn together in solid prints. Sometimes a person may where one colored top with a different colored bottom. There may also be different blocks of color on one top or dress. It's a fun style that goes against normal trends that say only one bold color should be worn.

    Tribal Prints

    Tribal prints are all over pants, dresses, purses and shoes this Spring. Some of my favorites are tribal print harem pants or canvas shoes. This print comes in various colors and usually gives a safari or foreign culture feel.

    High Low Dresses Skirts

    This is a trend that I've been seeing all over popular and trendy clothing websites. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. The High Low style is usually seen on maxi dresses or skirts. The front of the skirt is short, at or above the knee. The back of the skirt is longer, to the ankle. It's a style that's popular for proms and definitely allows women to show off their legs. As a substitution for this style, I also like sheer skirts that have a slip type of cloth that stops above the knee. It gives a unique feel without being as drastic.

    Blue Jean Jackets

    This is a clothing piece that I didn't necessarily see on the top trend websites, but I've been seeing them all over campus and the city. You may think blue jackets aren't a big deal, but there was a time when they were really hot in the 90's with the matching blue jean pants. Then, they weren't as popular especially as a complete outfit. Now, they are seen in various shades of lights and darks, often with rolled up sleeves. They will look especially cute with dresses this Spring. One extra tip, thrift stores often have cute and cheap blue jean jackets!


    Tangerine is a big color for this Spring, especially with dresses. It's also color that looks nice on basically every shade of skin. So, whether you grab a dress, purse, or pair of earrings with this color, take an opportunity to rock it.

    What are some fashion trends you plan or wearing this Spring or have heard about?

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