Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Up and Stand Out! Bohemian Style Tips

    Spring is here! Hooray!

    Everything shifts when we enter this amazing season as plants start blooming and bright colors begin to surround us. It's also a time when we shed our old layers to come out of hibernation as people usually want to rock a new hairdo or wardrobe. I know that I like to mix up my bohemian look the moment the bright sun breaks through the dreary winter clouds.

    What is bohemian to me, you ask? No, it's not about being a hippie with baggy clothing - it's about being unconventional. Bohemian style is centered on freedom and breaking fashion rules. Here are a few styling tips that will add pizazz to any wardrobe so that you can SPRING up and STAND out!

    1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

    I think accessories are one of the easiest things to add to your wardrobe without leaving your comfort zone. You can make any outfit smashing just by adding statement earrings or shoes. I always recommend vintage pieces as accessories because these items are usually one of a kind. Spice up a collared shirt with a 70s inspired bow or deck it out with a mix of necklaces or your favorite scarf. Whichever vintage accessory you choose, when you wear it - BAM! you are already an individual.

    A great tip to recycle single earrings that you might have laying around is to try pairing it with a different earring, but one that will compliment it. (Guys you can do this, too!) Just because an earring doesn't have a matching partner doesn't mean you should throw them away. Imagine if they did that to people. Ai goo!

    2. Vest are the best!

    If you think your ensemble is boring and you want to spunk it up, the addition of a vest can be the best. It adds another layer of style and warmth and as you know, we need layers with the unpredictable weather of the Bay. A great way to mix up the traditional vest is to make your own. I'm a big fan of cutting things up, so try cutting off the sleeves of old jackets or shirts to create something new.

    If DIY is not your thing, try sporting an eclectic vest to transform a dress you already love or wear one to break up a basic shirt and pants combination.

    3. Put a belt on it!

    I put a belt on everything! If you think there is something missing from your outfit, it doesn't hurt to try putting a belt on it. Belts come in all different colors and textures and range from wide to skinny pencil belts. Try living on the wild side and trade your brown or black belt for a red or white one. Switch it up!

    Putting a belt on it also works well for plus size women if you wear them high waisted. If a belt doesn't fit you around the waist just pull it up a little to make it high waisted!

    4. Mix patterns like it is no ones business!

    Combine your patterns like you are a kid dressing themselves for the first time. Kids are fearless and they do things because it feels good. For example, wear a polk a dot top with striped bottoms or plaid with paisley - there are no boundaries. Play dress up with yourself or friends and come up with different combinations. Don't be afraid because you never know what masterpiece you will create.

    If you ever think,"oh no this is too much!" its probably not too much, just rock it! You might inspire someone else to take a risk.

    5. A punch of color goes a long way!

    Always think color when getting dressed. Does your outfit feel "womp-womp" or monotone? Then add some color. Wear that wildcard. Put on that summer dress and add colorful tights to keep yourself warm. Do you have an office job and think that you have to wear as much black and blue to stay professional? No way! Color is allowed. Make yourself happy at work and add color to your slacks, button ups and blazers. This is also a great way to introduce accessories into your outfit as you can brighten up what you're wearing with buttons, broaches, ties or necklaces that pop!

    There is never a wrong way to interpret bohemian. Think back to styles you loved in the past and revisit them. What makes you feel free? Never think that you can't try new things and trends as you may start your own fashion revolution. The main idea, is that what ever your style is, it's dope and it makes you an individual. Remember, you only live once but you have to dress everyday.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to wear colour at work

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some more Spring Fashion Trends

    So, I'm a fan of dressing in styles that are fun and comfortable for you. I think fashion is what you individually make it and you don't necessarily have to stick to a handbook guide of trends that constantly rotate. However, fashion trends often determine a lot of what is sold in trendy stores and they can be interesting to take on. Let's look at a few of Spring 2012 trends and how to wear them best.

    Color Blocking

    I've been seeing color blocking all over blogs and runways. It's the trending style where two bold colors are worn together in solid prints. Sometimes a person may where one colored top with a different colored bottom. There may also be different blocks of color on one top or dress. It's a fun style that goes against normal trends that say only one bold color should be worn.

    Tribal Prints

    Tribal prints are all over pants, dresses, purses and shoes this Spring. Some of my favorites are tribal print harem pants or canvas shoes. This print comes in various colors and usually gives a safari or foreign culture feel.

    High Low Dresses Skirts

    This is a trend that I've been seeing all over popular and trendy clothing websites. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. The High Low style is usually seen on maxi dresses or skirts. The front of the skirt is short, at or above the knee. The back of the skirt is longer, to the ankle. It's a style that's popular for proms and definitely allows women to show off their legs. As a substitution for this style, I also like sheer skirts that have a slip type of cloth that stops above the knee. It gives a unique feel without being as drastic.

    Blue Jean Jackets

    This is a clothing piece that I didn't necessarily see on the top trend websites, but I've been seeing them all over campus and the city. You may think blue jackets aren't a big deal, but there was a time when they were really hot in the 90's with the matching blue jean pants. Then, they weren't as popular especially as a complete outfit. Now, they are seen in various shades of lights and darks, often with rolled up sleeves. They will look especially cute with dresses this Spring. One extra tip, thrift stores often have cute and cheap blue jean jackets!


    Tangerine is a big color for this Spring, especially with dresses. It's also color that looks nice on basically every shade of skin. So, whether you grab a dress, purse, or pair of earrings with this color, take an opportunity to rock it.

    What are some fashion trends you plan or wearing this Spring or have heard about?

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Monday, May 14, 2012

How to wear nude

Style trends of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2012: You wear it well

    Yes, they had songs. But their style gave the songs an added meaning, a deeper context.

    Guns N' Roses


    The hair, hats, bandannas and scarves. And let us not forget the sock, in the case of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    The inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2012 -- Guns N'Roses, Beastie Boys, Laura Nyro, Donovan, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Small Faces/Faces -- all represent trends in fashion as much as styles of music.

    What would GNR be without denim and leather, top hats and bandannas?

    The Beasties without their Adidas shoes?

    Egads, Rod Stewart without that hair?

    Stewart and his rooster mullet are being inducted with the Faces. Along with Keith Richards, the British rockers defined the scruffy look with messy hair and fitted clothes that looked as though they'd been slept in.

    The band will be inducted alongside the Small Faces, which morphed into the Faces with the addition of Stewart and guitarist Ronnie Wood.

    The Small Faces might be the least known of the Class of 2012, but the mid-1960s mod band's fashion sense would top a Rolling Stone best-of list.

    "They spent more money on clothes than they did recording their albums," says Ira Robbins, editor of the rock bible "The Trouser Press Record Guide." "They were a total Carnaby Street band."

    The street and its boutiques defined the look and style of Swinging London in the '60s. The Small Faces prided themselves on being the best-dressed band anywhere.

    They still are, according to Tom Dechristofaro, singer-guitarist in Cleveland indie-pop band Afternoon Naps.

    "The whole mod thing was a crazy influence on me," Dechristofaro says. "It's where music and style and attitude all came together in rock 'n' roll."

    Donovan projected the kind of style you might find in Middle-earth.

    "He was an elfin creature," says Robbins. "You can't underestimate the power 'The Hobbit' and pagan theology had on people like Donovan."

    His fashion sense followed -- complete with paisley shirts and robes adorned with flowers.

    "He became a psychedelic fairy with a hippie-dippie gypsy look," says Robbins.

    By the '70s, Donovan was out of fashion. He was typecast as last decade's model.

    It's a problem that performers, like fashion designers, experience when they define themselves so closely with one style, era or movement.

    Abandoning the old to become trendy again is just as risky, says hairstylist and musician Christina Akita.

    "The '80s were so bad for rock 'n' roll fashion because you had all these dudes from the '60s and '70s trying to stay current," says Akita. "But they were too out of touch to be cool again."

    Akita rates David Bowie and Stewart as having the toughest time making the transition.

    "They started doing all these new, crazy things with their hair and clothes, and their music got bland," says Akita. "Like they were trying to appeal to a pop audience who doesn't like rock 'n' roll."

    Stewart's forays into '80s and '90s adult contemporary were accompanied by a much spikier mane -- imagine a rooster that had stuck its claw into an electrical outlet.

    "He became this schmaltzy crooner and started wearing these pastel-colored suits," says Dechristofaro. "It's pretty cheesy if you're talking about rock fashion, but at least he's still getting supermodels."

    Axl Rose shocked fans with his new "style" when he hit the stage in Brazil last fall.

    He was performing as Guns N' Roses (he's the sole original member). But he looked nothing like the singer his fans had come to know and love.

    It wasn't just that he had ballooned out, or that he barely moved onstage.

    There was no bandanna. No leather jacket. No denim.

    Instead, Rose concealed himself in a full-length yellow coat, with a black hat and sunglasses.

    His outlaw look and style provided the band's songs a different context 25 years ago.

    So did his new style -- which gave new meaning to "Appetite for Destruction."
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A few designer: Carolina, Versace and Thakoon

    Versace Resort 2012
    Versace Resort 2012 puts on new spin on the classic black and white. Thakoon Resort 2012 Fashion CollectionThakoon Panichgul is a very wise man. Light yellows, sparkling details, and stylish silhouettes make up Carolina Herrera Resort 2012Carolina Herrera Resort 2012 was a dramatic display of fun dresses with fluttering fabrics and uncharacteristic patterns. 
    3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2012
    3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2012 had satin, effortless dressing, jumpers, ruched pants, printed tops, and a gradient dress. 
    Women's Burberry Prorsum Resort 2012The Burberry Prorsum Resort 2012 collection had mustard yellows, and turquiose blues. It's also nice to see alternates of the trench. 
    Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2012
    Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2012 is not a quick buy off the rack, these looks are for master stylists and people who truly understand fashion 
    DVF Resort 2012 Fashion CollectionResort is a fun time of year full of bright colors and sexy swimwear. DVF shows us the best of the best. 

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What are the up coming fashion trends for 2012?

    With the arrival of a new season, fashionistas about the globe in search of the crucial trends for each and every season. This year, significant vogue designers and fashion houses such as Donna Karan, Givenchy, Missoni and teamed up with patterns and silhouettes in clothing that are quite diverse from the autumn / winter 2011 are. The focus this year is unstructured in brilliant colors, prints and silhouettes. Color blocking, tribal prints, metallic peplum skirts and dresses are all in vogue this year. In contrast to drop it with tweed and velvet and army colors like navy, beige and olive green was dominated, in this season all about romantic and vibrant colors. The silhouettes are relaxed and free flowing with good use of fabrics such as linen, chiffon, organza, silk and georgette. Let us take a seem at some of the significant fashion trends of 2012.

    Tribal prints

    A single of the latest fashion trends for spring 2012, is the creation of the prints. In contrast to last season, the place prints were soft and subdued, this year the concentrate is on vibrant and daring tribal prints. Tribal prints and geometric prints in brilliant colors and head-to-toe patterns were seen in the take-off and landing runways of major vogue designers and design homes. Both Donna Karan and BCBG have fantastic design and style of maxi dresses and blouses in tribal prints. If you are uncertain of pulling off this trend, then you carry this pattern in accessories like a handbag, scarf or belt. Animal prints are also 1 of the very best fashion trends for spring 2012 and the finest way to wear animal prints will not be utilised from head to toe, but in order as accents.

    Colour Blocking

    Color-blocking is also a excellent spring summer 2012 trend and wealthy jewel colours like emerald tones tested, sapphire blue, and eggplant are some of the finest colors for colour- Blocking. Colour blocking can be observed on dresses, tunics and accessories like scarves and stoles. Color blocking pattern in blouses and tunics should ideally be mixed with neutral colors like beige and camel. The colour blocking trend is quite hot this season as an ensemble, Victoria Beckham seen Spring Summer season 2012 Christian Siriano 2012th To make this trend operate for themselves, select colours that flatter your skin tone. This trend is also for the camouflage difficulty regions like sagging arms, broad hips and thighs Huge Thunder.

    The colour orange

    Yet another hot spring vogue trend in 2012 is the color orange. Mandarin oranges, this kind of as, blood orange and coral are the hottest colours for spring. This season, ditch the small black dress and go as an alternative for a gorgeous coral maxi dress. Decide on an orange accessible that flatters your skin tone and eye color, and be certain to draw some attention. When wearing orange cast from head to foot as well bold for your couple, then with a little tan-colored coral, beige pants or A-line skirt. In addition, these lovely and brave color in your accessories this kind of as pumps tangerine, brilliant orange belt or a saffron-colored scarf.

    The metallic trend

    Metallic trend is the emerging trend for spring trend 2012th A metallic dress is each glamorous and eye-catching and can instantaneously make you look chic and sophisticated. A metallic mini skirt in colors like dull gold, bronze and copper is a ought to-have this season. Coupled the trick is to make this improvement perform with earthy colors such as beige, sand, beige and brown metallic paint finish. For a casual appear, a straightforward pair of matte satin gold metallic T-shirt with black jeans and a pair of peep toe footwear. If this trend into your wardrobe, but not too sharp to bear want to use it in your outfit, then use them in your accessories. A pair of silver flats and a sequined scarf is a excellent way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

    Ruffles and pleats

    Soft, romantic dresses and blouses with ruffles and pleats are a single of the crucial trends this year. This type of dresses and tops in muted colors this kind of as watermelon pink, geranium, powder blue, pale yellow, to be popular this year. Pussy bow tops, blouses with ruffles, skirts with fringe had been all seen in the Badgely Mischka Spring Summer season 2012 collection. This trend is soft and feminine and is best for wearing on a date. It is greatest coupled with delicate accessories like a prolonged trailer, a bracelet and an envelope clutch.These have been some of the most essential fashion trends 2012th Other new fashion trends that are hot this season floral maxi dresses, blouses and shirts with Peter Pan collar, nautical-inspired dresses and skirts and slacks. 

    Now that you know about the latest fashion trends, you can update your wardrobe to your stylish seem your greatest.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to wear a navy shift dress

    This is just a plan navy shift dress that I added a bit off colour with to spruce it up

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Friday, May 11, 2012

What to wear with floral

    Match the colour in the floral pattern
    I dont have any peach trousers (thought I do want some!) I went with navy and I was at work so I think white would have been too informal  

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Fall Fashion Trends 2012

    Here are a few trends one should note for the concluded Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week:
    • Capes
    • Tie Belts
    • Blanket Outerwear

    Both Paris and Milan showed a captivating amount of trendy women’s ready-to-wear, with the most notable piece being military style (old world) capes. After hitting the runway in Europe, we saw the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, and Victoria Beckham recreate the movement with an American twist.

    Vera Wang displayed feminine cape outerwear, whilst L’Wren Scott delivered an elegant, somewhat Gothic alternative. Rag & Bone along with the noted Michael Kors brought light to the deconstructed wonder of the blanket coat, evoking feels of warmth, fireplaces and hot cocoa.

    The tie was put to good use this season by designers: Ralph Lauren who used the tie in it’s signature state and Proenza Schouler with their innovative twist to use the classic symbol of masculine attire as a belt. This is possibly the simplest (if not most cost effective) trend to reproduce with ease this season. Michae Kors, Krakoff, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, and Charlotte Ronson put plaid in the hot seat by offering up panelled blocks in leather and alternating colors layered with sheer (as seen in Peter som and the lovely Vera Wang). These large exaggerated patterns give one the perfect excuse for some expert color blocking.

    Speaking of colors, when shopping for your fall 2012 wardrobe, consider vibrant reds (lining towards the purple side of the spectrum), safety orange, and light shades of gold (think 10-14 karat). For the ideal paring, incorporate black or throw in a black and white paisley. For examples see the fall collections of Narciso Rodriguez and Diane von Furstenberg monochrome or 3.1 Phillip Lim.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to wear peach

    This is a vintage peach dress that a accompanied with a navy blazer and shoes
    You dont really want to add any more colour where you are wearing so much peach! So a played it down with the navy, black would work just as well

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