Saturday, October 30, 2010


    Ok! It’s not rocket science. Royal Blue and Black is – was – and will be a great color combination. If you consider black to be a “safe” color and you want to experiment a little with something out of your usual comfort zone, royal blue is a great start because it is no too far away from black in terms of effect. Here’s a little inspiration on how to bring all your black accessories into 2009: by adding a little royal blue!

    At Aquascutum and Michael Kors, a black belt adds definition to the knee-high dresses. Complete the look with a black clutch.
    BCBG MAGucci

    AquascutumMichael Kors

    Mini dresses and platform gladiator inspired shoes = legs for days at BCBG and Gucci.

    Maintain the aura of royalty with a long dress a la Lela Rose or Issa.

    Lela RoseIssa 1

    Sheer materials are a hit this season and the royal blue world is no exception. At Costume National the sheer black material is a perfect canvas for royal blue sequins, while Vera Wang creates a delicate sheer overlay for a royal blue dress.

    Costume NationalVera Wang

    Two piece combos can be as sophisticated or as simple as you prefer. Sonia Rykiel achieves a very luxurious look with this silk blue and black suit. The fishnet socks and ankle tie pants is definitely a look worth replicating. Paul Smith on the other hand, plays with the shape of the pant and the uses a scarf as a belt to add dimension and exaggerate the waist in it’s smallest point.

    Sonia RykielPaul Smith Women 1

    DKNY takes a simple casual approach but comes up with a look that prioritizes comfort and can be dressed up with jewelry.


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Friday, October 29, 2010

City Chic

Outfit Ideas

    "Womens Ultimate Guide to Putting Together Stylish Outfits"

    Here you'll find outfit ideas and fashionable suggestions on how to put together outfits, or when you just don't quite know what goes with what. I'll give your wardrobe and your repressed and stylish self a real kick in the behind! Use these outfit ideas to create a first date outfit, prom outfit or for just improving and updating your style!

    Carrie Bradshaw's closet. Outfit Ideas

    Do you find yourself...
    • Having difficulties figuring out what goes with what? 
    • Wasting more time and energy on deciding what to wear than preparing your breakfast? 
    • Falling into the same outfit combination? 
    • Just feel that you have nothing to wear despite your stuffed closet? 
    If you said yes to one or more of the questions above, then you're going to need this page! Read along and discover simple outfit ideas on how to put together outfits while injecting some of your personal style!

    It's a common fact that we spend a lot of time in front of the mirror or our closet. And often, we also tend to avoid stepping outside of our comfort zone and just keep it safe. However doing that only keeps you away from fully developing your sense of style and it results in feeling like your style is boring, wardrobe is hopeless, etc. There's a new world out there, y'know!

    So what can you do? In my outfit ideas-series you're going to discover how to make it easier for you to come up with outfits. Let's lay the groundwork with the 3 important steps;Organize, plan and then execute! :-)

    Step 1 of Outfit Ideas-Series: Organize Your Closet
    Organized closet.

    All pieces should be visible and readily available to you.

    Now imagine drawing a picture in the living room with your crayons scattered all over your house. You need red but aren't sure if it's somewhere in the kitchen. You want blue but it's under your bed. You could really use some brown but you're not sure where it is. Now the most common reaction to this is to go out and buy new crayons! However, unless you've kept them in one place, the crayons will again get scattered throughout the house and you're off to buy new ones! And then one day while you're cleaning under the bathroom sink you discover the missing brown crayon when drawing your picture. Now you have two of almost the same crayon when you only need one.

    Having an organized wardrobe is very important when putting together an outfit - you should have an overview at your clothes and accessories. It gives you a picture of what you have and don't have in your wardrobe, and makes it easier for you to mix and match.

    One of the best ways to organize your closet is to keep all of your tops together, followed by pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. Keep your shoes in one place. Tights and socks in a drawer. Jewelry on a stand or compartment drawer. Scarves and belts on racks. And then sort them by color.

    Step 2 of Outfit Ideas-Series: Have a Shopping Plan

    Have a shopping plan to come up with outfit ideas

    Without a shopping plan, you'll keep going around in a loop about the way you feel about your wardrobe because your clothes aren't in place.

    Now after organizing your closet, it's time to sit and rationally write down what you need and don't need.

    Here are a few tips on how to do that:
    • Make sure you have each and every item on the wardrobe essential-list. That said, go through the list and buy whatever is missing from your closet first before you indulge in other trendy pieces. The magic with these basic items is that they can be worn with absolutely everything and they're trend-proof! 
    • List down what you don't need. Ask yourself: Are there any pieces you have too many of? By too many I mean garments you have 3-4 of but you haven't worn and that don't get frequently used. These are unnecessary items that you need to make a clear statement of never to buy. 
    • When shopping make sure you know how many outfits you can pull off from onegarment with what's already in your closet 
    Step 3 of Outfit Ideas-Series: Be Inspired and Create the Outfits

    Now is the time to execute those clothes into outfits! There really isn't any exact formula on putting together clothes stylishly. We all have different styles and taste; in fact, being creative with clothes is about your gut and feelings on what works for you and what doesn't.

    Tip: As long as you feel confident in something, you'll look good. That's why it's super important to play up your best features and feeling comfortable when wearing clothes. That's when dressing your body shape comes into play.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


    Sometimes, a girl just wants to look normal, but that does not mean sacrificing style. Carlos Miele and BCBG Max Azria present these simple outfits as inspiration. Neutral colors and straight hair have an aura of their own, so it’s a pass on the jewelry.

    VPL continues the look with casual but strikingly clean outfit. If you want to go a little more ornate, Max Azria recommends sequins and a statement necklace.

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Todays Outfit

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Age Appropriate Fashion and Beauty Tips To Transition To Fall

    Sharon & Brad's Latest Radio Show: Fashion, beauty & hair tips to look ageless and chic on any budget.

    Gossip, dish, and inside style tips...

    On this week's episode of Focus on Style-TalkRadio, the hosting duo Sharon Haver & Brad Boles talk about about what YOU want to add to your wardrobe to wear now and into fall on any budget.

    Lean cargo pants-- like these runway to real way ones from from Banana Republic-- will update your wardrobe in an instant
    • Short leather jacket- Aviator or motorcycle-inspired, a leather or vegan leather jacket plays down something too dressy and adds a crisp vibe to jeans... so very French too!
    • Green, lean cargo pants- Keep them just above the ankle or roll the hem to there. Perfect with that leather jacket, a tailored blazer, or chunky sweater.... continues to the military trend vibe and more updated than jeans.
    • Ankle boots- You probably own a few pairs of ankle boots by now but how about a lace-up pair with a lug or wooden sole or a sleek wedge? Instantly modernizes jeans and perfect with your country classics and camel tailored pieces.
    • Classic black pumps- We’ve been upside down and inside out with zany platforms. Which are looking more than tired now. Turn 360 degrees to a simple chic black pump in a walkable kitten or “normal” high heel for iconic, classic glamour. Kate Moss has been rocking classic black pumps and it looks so much more modern and chic than some kooky skyscrapers or over-decorated gladiators.
    • The NEW cropped pants- No, not the tourist, boxy kind. Think Audrey Hepburn meets 90’s minimalism for sleek, pants that hit just above the ankle. Of, course, Sharon loves them in black. Pair with anything above and you will look right on trend in the most classic way.

    Sharon pulled a few on trend fashion pieces that you want to think about:


    Brad is still reeling from some end-of summer fashion and beauty faux pas and feminine looks to wear until the first chill:

    Peacocks in the garden are never out of fashion!
    Peacocks in the garden are never out of fashion!
    • First ladies, remember age-appropriate means the length of your hemline. If you’ve passed 40, leave the short skirts for the twenty-something girls. Keep it sexy, but beautiful.
    • Keep it sexy, but beautiful with muted pale colors that are still in season, as well as soft, floaty fabrics.
    • Throw on a jacket or a sweater over that dress for a day-to-evening transition.
    • Avoid coral lipstick at any cost!
    • Remember that black is never out of fashion, nor are little dogs with diamond collars, red nails, or peacocks in the garden for that matter! --Sharon & Brad on Focus on Style-Talk Radio
    Published on August 16, 2010

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Ruffles Gloria

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Create your own unique and chic fashion look

    Creating your own true sense of clothing style can take years to perfect, but there are ways you can speed up the process of fashionable and unique dressing.

    It's about taking it day by day. About finding what styles and colours fit you, as well as working out what you like to wear, what makes you feel most confident and most yourself. Its also about dressing for your lifestyle, and your daily activities.

    Check out Chictopia, an online community of fashion addicts, all with a different sense of style and creative flair. People all over the globe sign on and post photos of their latest ensembles, allowing you to see just how the fashion elite put together an outfit.

    Check out magazines like Elle or Vogue, for runway tips and trends and celebrity looks too. Keeping in touch with whats going on is half the battle, it will enable you to easily navigate stores and help you know what sort of things you want to keep your eye out for.

    Check out Youtube for tons of inspirational videos, and stylish ideas.

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Todays Look

Monday, October 25, 2010

Todays Outfit