Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Up and Stand Out! Bohemian Style Tips

    Spring is here! Hooray!

    Everything shifts when we enter this amazing season as plants start blooming and bright colors begin to surround us. It's also a time when we shed our old layers to come out of hibernation as people usually want to rock a new hairdo or wardrobe. I know that I like to mix up my bohemian look the moment the bright sun breaks through the dreary winter clouds.

    What is bohemian to me, you ask? No, it's not about being a hippie with baggy clothing - it's about being unconventional. Bohemian style is centered on freedom and breaking fashion rules. Here are a few styling tips that will add pizazz to any wardrobe so that you can SPRING up and STAND out!

    1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

    I think accessories are one of the easiest things to add to your wardrobe without leaving your comfort zone. You can make any outfit smashing just by adding statement earrings or shoes. I always recommend vintage pieces as accessories because these items are usually one of a kind. Spice up a collared shirt with a 70s inspired bow or deck it out with a mix of necklaces or your favorite scarf. Whichever vintage accessory you choose, when you wear it - BAM! you are already an individual.

    A great tip to recycle single earrings that you might have laying around is to try pairing it with a different earring, but one that will compliment it. (Guys you can do this, too!) Just because an earring doesn't have a matching partner doesn't mean you should throw them away. Imagine if they did that to people. Ai goo!

    2. Vest are the best!

    If you think your ensemble is boring and you want to spunk it up, the addition of a vest can be the best. It adds another layer of style and warmth and as you know, we need layers with the unpredictable weather of the Bay. A great way to mix up the traditional vest is to make your own. I'm a big fan of cutting things up, so try cutting off the sleeves of old jackets or shirts to create something new.

    If DIY is not your thing, try sporting an eclectic vest to transform a dress you already love or wear one to break up a basic shirt and pants combination.

    3. Put a belt on it!

    I put a belt on everything! If you think there is something missing from your outfit, it doesn't hurt to try putting a belt on it. Belts come in all different colors and textures and range from wide to skinny pencil belts. Try living on the wild side and trade your brown or black belt for a red or white one. Switch it up!

    Putting a belt on it also works well for plus size women if you wear them high waisted. If a belt doesn't fit you around the waist just pull it up a little to make it high waisted!

    4. Mix patterns like it is no ones business!

    Combine your patterns like you are a kid dressing themselves for the first time. Kids are fearless and they do things because it feels good. For example, wear a polk a dot top with striped bottoms or plaid with paisley - there are no boundaries. Play dress up with yourself or friends and come up with different combinations. Don't be afraid because you never know what masterpiece you will create.

    If you ever think,"oh no this is too much!" its probably not too much, just rock it! You might inspire someone else to take a risk.

    5. A punch of color goes a long way!

    Always think color when getting dressed. Does your outfit feel "womp-womp" or monotone? Then add some color. Wear that wildcard. Put on that summer dress and add colorful tights to keep yourself warm. Do you have an office job and think that you have to wear as much black and blue to stay professional? No way! Color is allowed. Make yourself happy at work and add color to your slacks, button ups and blazers. This is also a great way to introduce accessories into your outfit as you can brighten up what you're wearing with buttons, broaches, ties or necklaces that pop!

    There is never a wrong way to interpret bohemian. Think back to styles you loved in the past and revisit them. What makes you feel free? Never think that you can't try new things and trends as you may start your own fashion revolution. The main idea, is that what ever your style is, it's dope and it makes you an individual. Remember, you only live once but you have to dress everyday.

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