Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Fashion Trend Guide

    Last week on New.Music.Live, Liz talked with fashion guru Gracie Carroll from all about summer trends. Gracie broke down three of the biggest trends all inspired by Coachella and other music festivals: Bold and Boho, Preppy Varsity, and Flower Child in the City. Check out the looks below and lucky for you we included where each item of clothing is from, so you can look trendy this summer too!

    Varsity Jacket by Obey at Lavish & SqualorOrange Backpack by The Herschel Supply Co. Brand at Lavish & Squalor
    Mint shirt by Insight at Lavish & Squalor
    Burgundy shorts by Penfield at Lavish & Squalor
    “Regan” Shoe by Doc Martens

    Beaded Bangles from Lavish & SqualorVintage Brass Cuff at Shoppalu.comDenim Fade Vest by Jool at Lavish & Squalor
    Red dress by Diepo at Robber/“Dainty” in Navy by ConverseHat and Sunglasses from White Crow –“Annie Oakley” bucket bag by RootsCharm necklace from In God We Trust (brass heart) at Drake General Store and Philistine (brass square)

    Floral Headpiece by Lara Vincent at Magic PonySunglasses and Top from White Crow – whitecrowonline.comShorts by Jessica Mary Clayton – jessicamaryclayton.comSatchel by Gaya at Sauvage – shopsauvage.comVintage boots – (stylist’s own)

    Top from White Crow - whitecrowonline.comSkirt from GAPShoes – Aldo Rise x Preen
    Ring: YSL

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How to wear vintage

    This dress used to below to my grandma and I thought it might be a nice dress to wear for work.
    In reflection I think the dress works better in winter ie with darker colours and boats

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An Accessory to Fashion

    File:Givenchy scarves Epcot.jpgAccessories are often overlooked but in times where money is tight but looking good is still a must they are often an alternative to splashing out on a brand new outfit. Vamping up an existing outfit such as your little black dress or trusty boyfriend jeans with exciting accessories can really make a difference to your wardrobe. Accessories also make your outfit unique and personal to you, thus avoiding that horror moment when you arrive somewhere and see someone in the same wardrobe item as you.

    So what is the best way to accessorise without overdoing it? And how do you make a plain boring outfit look fabulous and edgy is seconds?

    The trick to accessorising is knowing what suits you and what doesn’t and having the confidence to pull it off too. Like anything in fashion, finding your own style is the key to success.

    Here are some tips and advice on accessorising essentials:

    Jewellery basics

    An obvious place to start is with jewellery. This doesn’t have to be expensive diamonds or lots of gold either there are some fantastic beads and bangles available on the high street that can be just as effective without the bling. Jewellery can be tailored to any budget and can be bold and daring or chic and understated.

    Big earrings are a statement for any outfit and coupled with long beads or a wrist full of bangles can look great. With earrings choose a style that complements your face shape as well as your outfit.

    Belt up

    A chunky belt or thin colourful scarf can look fabulous with plain coloured dresses to define your shape and draw in your waist. Obviously a scarf can also look fabulous tied around your neck, particularly with a smart trouser suit or crisp white blouse.

    How many is too many?

    Adding accessories can be addictive so don’t go overboard, as often less can be more. A good rule of thumb is that the plainer the outfit the more you can accessorise it. Therefore, if you’re wearing a loud pattern or a detailed dress then just a few accessories will suffice. If you’re just wearing a plain top and jeans however, then use your opportunity to personalise with an array of accessories.

    File:Patriotic Pampered Pocket Pooch Posing Proudly.jpgPampered pooch

    If, like Paris Hilton your pooch is your accessory, then ensure he or she is in the optimum health for your handbag adventures with the right vaccinations and puppy insurance. Also you might want to check out venues in advance to ensure you’re able to take your canine friend with you.

    Fantastic feet

    Every girl loves shoe shopping and perhaps it is footwear that is the most important accessory of all. Choosing a shoe which suits your body shape is important. If you have large legs avoid low heels as they will only accentuate your calves and make them look bigger. Instead go for a high heel or a wedge which will give the illusion of lengthening your legs. Smaller women can look much taller if they couple a pointed toe with a high heel as the combination will elongate your pins!

    Taller girls often feel like they can’t wear big heels but as long as you wear them with pride and don’t slouch then go ahead. Failing that a moderate heel or flats with lots of sparkle will make you feel just as glamorous.

    Handbags galore

    A girl can never have too many handbags and they do come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to have designer labels either to have a great looking handbag. Just because bags need to be functional doesn’t mean that they have to be dull so you can afford to go a bit wild with a handbag that reflects your personality and individual style. Be it for a night out, for the office or for a special occasion; shop around for a bag that is just the right size and style.

    Fun, fun, fun

    Shopping for accessories is great fun and you can spend hours finding hidden gems in stores and boutiques to dress up your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to raid your mum’s accessories either, as often you will unearth a great vintage piece that will look fabulous with a jacket or dress you already own. Having a small budget doesn't mean you can't still make your wardrobe fabulous with an array of accessories.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What to wear to brunch

    This was an outfit I wore to my last brunch in Dubai - it was at Safron, which is at the palm and renoud for people getting dressed up (and very drunk!!!) Its about 80 pounds for all you can eat and drink - people male sure they get their moneys worth!!!
    Actually white isnt really the best choice to wear as I came home with a variety of drinks and food still on me!
    Also go for something loose so you can eat what you want and not feel uncomfortable 

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

What is Fashion?

    In is out and out is in. Mismatching is matching and matching is mismatching. What used to be conventional trends have been tossed out and are being infiltrated by heterodox clothing that we can all agree are interesting, to say the least. This is not an article that gives you the guidelines on what to wear, but instead an article that should give you some insight on what fashion as a concept should be.

    To be fashionable you do not have to subscribe to trends, but rather allow yourself to feel comfortable in the clothes that make you feel cool, whatever that means. The concept of fashion contains many layers, but sadly these days the concept itself has become one-dimensional and exclusive. Fashion as a whole has become this pigeonholed idea in which there is not really any room for change. That’s not to say fashion is stagnant, but rather when it has solidified its place as a “trend,” being outside of the norm can result in some unnecessary condemnation. This should never be the case. Fashion is subjective; what the magazines tell us should not be our mantras and what Kim Kardashian is wearing should never be our goals (unless, of course, you really do like her attire). Even Yves Saint-Laurent, a well known French fashion designer from the early 1900s, said that “fashions fade, style is eternal.” What you wear and what you want to wear should be a personal choice that is not influenced by what is “in” and what is “out.” These words mean absolutely nothing — all they do is create a false dichotomy that justifies the snarky stares you get when you wear something that is “so last year.” Who cares? Maybe what you’re wearing is “so next year.”

    Styles are an art form and as it can be argued, there is no right or wrong in terms of making art. Our clothes can represent us as people and representations should only be based on what we want, not what others want from us. Fashion means something different to every single person, and as a community we should embrace these different interpretations, for they too create a work of art. Who would prefer a community that contains mirror images of one another? As a whole, that would be one boring piece of art.

    When piecing together an outfit, try not to think about what others would want or expect you to wear, but instead pick what makes you feel beautiful, however clichéd that sounds. No one should tell you that what you’re wearing is too “hip,” or too “out-there,” and if they do, just tell them being unconventional is the new conventional.

    British fashion designer Alexander McQueen stressed that “it’s a new era in fashion — there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.” When it comes to fashion, styles and trends, there are no maxims.

    That being said, let’s throw away those thick-rimmed glasses that we all know were not prescribed (unless, of course, you really like giving off the impression that you’re blind).
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How to wear a bit of ruffle

    I think we ruffle you need to be careful and if its a top like wore here then you need to keep the bottom half of your outfit simple or it can just look a bit much.
    If you go with too much ruffle you have the problem of looking a bit ridiculous and look bigger than you are! You have been warned!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

How to wear a jewel encrusted maxi dress

    Just go simple
    The dress has a very heavy pattern with lots of other details so you don't need to add much to it!
    I just went for all black accessories 

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to wear a black dress to work

    The LBD is perfect for work - its just so simple and easy.
    Get up put it on and maybe add a bit of colour with shoes and bag and your ready to go!
    Personally my favorite colour to add with a black dress is red but you could use colour and some more fun with some bight colour heals and a different colour bright bag for example

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Fashion for your Bump

    File:Pregnant woman (1).jpgMany people assume that a woman’s wedding day is the best that she can look and women often spend hours planning how they will look and how their wedding day will pan out – they worry about everything from wedding favours to bridesmaid dresses and plan every last detail. However, often it is during pregnancy when women look their very best with glowing skin and hair from all those pregnancy hormones and yet no woman really plans their pregnancy style in advance.

    Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you are now resigned to wearing frumpy tent like dresses and sensible shoes. However, when you become pregnant it is difficult to know what the best thing to wear is and women often wonder how is it possible to be stylish and gorgeous whilst carrying a bump.
    That said being pregnant can be at time when women feel their most vulnerable and unattractive. With all these things in mind though today’s fashion retailers recognize that women need to find their own individual style during pregnancy, and as such they now tend to stay away from long smocks and shapeless outfits, as they know that each pregnant woman is beautiful and deserves to feel that way in what she wears.

    Pregnancy Chic

    Being pregnant and having a large pregnancy bump doesn’t happen overnight – it is of course a gradual process over 9 months and it is only the latter stages where women can become rather large. With a few handy hints though it is possible to carry off pregnancy chic, just like countless celebrity mums have done in recent years like Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman and even Madonna!

    File:Anna-Kosali-12.jpgRemember to dress for your shape

    As with all fashion dressing for your shape is always important in finding what is right for you. This doesn’t change when you become pregnant and no two pregnant women have the same shape so it is still just as important to shop around and try on different styles. It is also not a requirement to purchase a maternity wardrobe in one day – it is just as gradual as acquiring your regular wardrobe and even in the early days, weeks and often months your usual clothes will still fit you. Listen to your body and recognize when it is telling you it needs a little more room to move.

    Good foundations

    Again just like in regular fashion it is what’s underneath that counts. Having a good foundation with good underwear will help you feel comfortable. Choosing soft and breathable fabrics will ease your comfort levels and you will also need to ensure that you check your knickers and bras throughout your pregnancy to ensure you’re in the right size. Your body will be changing shape and you need undergarments that will support and flatter your best bits.

    Don’t break the bank

    As pregnancy is only temporary state you don’t need to spend the earth on a whole new wardrobe for 9 months, unless you can afford it of course. A few wardrobe staples will stand you in good stead without breaking the bank. A couple of pairs of great looking maternity jeans or trousers and a simple skirt will make a great start to your new wardrobe – these are things you can dress up or down with elements of your existing wardrobe.

    Colour happy

    Avoiding busy patterns and loud prints and going for more block colour will make your figure seem taller. It will elongate your body and give less focus on your bump. It will also mean your wardrobe would be good if you have another child as it won’t date as patterns and prints can.

    Fancy footwear
    File:Pregnant woman -abdomen-24Jan2010.jpg
    Unfortunately a drawback of pregnancy is that high heels aren’t practical, particularly in your final trimester. High heels just don’t give you enough support as your centre of balance changes as your bump grows. Having said that there are plenty of funky flats and flattering sandals out there to help you look good but stay grounded too.

    Feel fabulous

    So being pregnant is no reason to hide yourself away, nor is it an excuse to lounge about in saggy tracksuits and your partners t-shirts. Granted you will have days when you feel like that but there is no reason why you can’t glam up your bump and rock your office, parties and family gatherings with your sense of style just as you always have.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thandie Newton: Trends make me anxious

    Thandie Newton
    Thandie Newton's "palms sweat" when she thinks about following the latest trends.

    The actress is famed for her natural beauty and understated style, and prefers to steer clear of fad fashions. Thandie thinks people should chose clothes that suit them, rather than sporting pieces just because they're in fashion.

    "The idea of following trends makes my palms sweaty," she explained to People. "I think that we have all these wonderful things available, [and] you have to find whatever speaks to you in terms of style - something that allows you to then speak to the world."

    Thandie is a mother of two. The 39-year-old star says her daily beauty routine is very low maintenance due to her chaotic schedule.

    "If I'm getting ready for the school run and I look in the mirror and I just look exhausted, I will get some Julie Hewett cheek rogue," she revealed.

    "I'll put that on the apples of my cheeks to make it look as though I've had a wonderful run in the morning - even though I haven't!"

    The raven-haired star's no-nonsense approach to style and beauty also extends to the red carpet. Thandie sometimes does her own make-up and hair for public appearances.

    "If my favourites are busy, or I'm in another country and they're not around, I'm doing my own," she smiled.

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Making Your Own Fashion

    In these days of austerity the savvy girl about town is making more out of the things she has already got to hand. Customising your clothes and accessories is an exciting and fresh way in which to revamp your wardrobe season by season and work with the things you have to make your money stretch further. Gok Wan, the grungy fashion designer has made handcrafting and altering fashion easy with some great ideas on what to do and how to do it.

    Gok Wan
    Clearing out your wardrobe

    It is important to clear out your wardrobe and ensure you are working with quality clothing and accessories which fit well and work with your body shape. It is tempting when you put on weight or lose weight to keep your former clothes in case you ever should need them again. Unless they can be altered please lose them, donate them to your local charity shop and let someone else make their next fashion statement with them, but if they are no longer you, get rid of them. That will ensure that each time you go to your wardrobe you are working with items which work for you and your shape and you will always feel great about the choices you make.

    Professional Dressmakers
    The best place to start is with taking up hem lines and taking in dresses either yourself if you are capable enough or by spending a small amount of money at your local dressmakers’. Taking up the hem of a much loved dress or skirt can totally redefine an outfit and refresh it for a whole new chapter in how and where you can wear it. Taking the hem over the knee line can make a dress for the office into one for an evening out with the girls.  Coupled with the right accessories it will not even be recognised as the same dress!  Likewise with denim when you have tired of your faithful jeans you have them made into your staple denim shorts and have a whole summer of enjoyment. Teamed with opaque tights or leggings they can also fit into your spring and autumn look. 


    The spring and summer trends this year heavily feature accessories and their use to add ‘bling’ to an outfit. Accessories should be understated and feature cutting edge modern designs. Using gems and sparkles which can be picked up for a penny cost, you can transform a jacket or top and make it truly sparkle. Adding a simple broach or sewing on buttons for eye catching draw can also transform an outfit. 

    Making bracelets is becoming fashionable once again, using either your own beads picked up over the internet and strung onto a wire in a quirky way reflecting your own style or by commissioning a piece by a professional jewellery maker. However you go about it the cost is low and the impact is high.

    Tie Dye

    A really easy way to add edge to your old clothes and also bang on trend is the tye dye.  Dying the bottom half of a summer dress or tee shirt can show your fashionable edge and revamp it for a whole new season of wear. 


    A great way to change an outfit and create impact is with the addition of a scarf. Scarves are available for a relatively low cost across the High Street, with some really pretty patterns and animal print among the popular choices. Certainly an investment worth making, and perhaps you might have something in your wardrobe which you can fashion into a scarf also. The unpredictability of the British weather means it could also be the most practical accessory available to you while you are out and about!
    How ever you choose to alter and grow your wardrobe for the seasons ahead you should always ask yourself the question ‘What do I have that I could use for that trend and how can I make it better?’ If you do need to go and buy an accessory make sure it is in order to enhance something you are reusing and reduce your own carbon footprint’s impact in the name of fashion. Most of all enjoy your fashion and how it reflects the girl you are and the person you are within.

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What to wear this summer – boys and girls

    The UK is a nation of contrasts – especially when it comes to the weather. And it is so

    notoriously unpredictable, that it has become something of a national obsession.

    It’s almost certain that no other nation talks about the weather nearly as much

    as we do. Its volatile nature means that it has such a huge impact on our lives,

    determining our mood, whether certain events are successful and what clothes we


    Throughout the winter months, the freezing temperatures and long, dark nights

    make staying warm the priority. Trousers, tights, jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves –

    we need the whole works to keep warm.

    But when the weather takes a turn for the better – as it has done over the last

    month – it becomes a totally different ball game. Whereas the winter is about

    practical clothes, the warmer weather gives us the chance to dress down, relax and

    enjoy what we’re wearing.

    Summer is here

    Your summer wardrobe should be all about lightweight, flexible and stylish clothes.

    Bright clothes and big patterns are definitely in. Dressing for the summer is all about

    making an impression. Read on for a rundown of what you might need:

    Starting from the bottom, you’ll need at least one pair of flip-flops, pumps or sandals

    (although espadrilles will do just as well). These types of summer shoe are relatively

    cheap, so mix it up with a few pairs in different colours. For guys, flip-flops and

    canvas trainers are ideal. Sandals can work, but try a more modern style to avoid

    looking dated.

    Let’s see those arms and legs

    1. Moving upwards, you’ll need a few skirts and some shorts. Denim is always

    fashionable and works with most styles. Try a pair of Voi jeans cropped shorts

    for a stylish alternative to shorter denim varieties. For guys, there are the

    ever-reliable khaki/combat shorts, as well as chinos for a slightly smarter

    look. If you don’t fancy getting your legs out, Voi make some really nice

    loose-fitting jeans that are perfect for hot days.

    Up top, it’s all about getting your arms out in the sun. T-shirts, vests and light

    summer shirts – with sleeves rolled up, of course – are what summer is all about.

    Last, but not least, is the ultimate summer accessory – a pair of fashionable

    sunglasses to complete the look. So, now you’re all ready for summer, let’s hope

    summer is ready for you.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hottest Summer Apparel Fashion Trends Set the Stage for Branded Clothing at Gorilla Marketing

    Gorilla Marketing, a premier promotional products company, is helping companies expand brand awareness with the latest trends in summer apparel for branded clothing.

    Following the lead of L.A. Fashion Week, Gorilla Marketing is taking corporate apparel and branded clothing to new fashion heights. Gone are the days of plain business attire and logo polo shirts. Today, companies can emblazon their brand name on designer shirts, cotton tees, sweatshirts, lightweight jackets, and ball caps.

    Companies can create their own celebrity style by embellishing promo merchandise with embroidery, screen printing, glitter, flocking, rhinestones and other design elements.

    L.A. Fashion Week revealed that summer trends will be full of brilliant jewel tones, metallics, sheer fabrics with transparent layers, and vintage wear with sleek, clean lines. Furthermore, eco fashion is leading the way for companies to be a part of the environmental solution while promoting their brand.

    Gorilla Marketing President, Chris Arranaga suggests, "Providing trendy clothing that keeps recipients cool during hot summer months while looking chic is a fantastic approach to marketing. Current fashion trends embrace uniqueness and that opens the door for a lot of creativity and one-of-a-kind designs."

    Summer months are ideal for making use of organic cotton and other types of eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo and organic hemp. Combining bright colors or using metallic embroidery thread is a great way for companies to share marketing messages while providing sustainable fashion.

    "Many companies are getting involved with eco-fashion to brand their business as a trendsetter", states Arranaga. "Consumers appreciate businesses that express an interest in environmental concerns, so pairing summer fashion with eco-friendly fabrics gives owners an advantage over competitors."

    Companies don't need to hire a fashion designer or buy clothing that is made for runway models. Instead, summertime promotional apparel should be comfortable and cool, yet trendy enough that recipients will want to wear it on a regular basis.

    "Summer months are the ideal time for supplying promotional clothing to clients due to increased visibility", states Arranaga. "People are out and about partaking in all kinds of activities, which makes the season perfect for putting marketing messages on customers' backs."

    Gorilla Marketing offers a superb selection of summer apparel fabrics in bright colors and trendy styles. Their experienced consultants can help companies design unique and trendsetting apparel that embraces their brand.

    For additional information or product quotes visit

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How to mix the brown palate